ESG Investing Frontiers

The 22nd ESG Investing FrontiersESG Investment and Business InnovationThe 22nd ESG Investing Frontiers Forum, themed "ESG Investment and Business Innovation," was hosted by the China Alliance of So...

The 21th ESG Investing FrontiersInterpreting the New ISSB StandardsOn July 3, 2023, the 21st ESG Investing Frontiers Forum was held in Beijing and live-streamed worldwide. The theme of this forum w...

The 20th ESG Investing FrontiersSustainable Finance Supporting Low-Carbon TransformationOn May 23rd, 2023, the 20th ESG Investment Frontier Forum, "Sustainable Finance Supporting Low-Carbon Transfo...

The 19th ESG Investing FrontiersESG and Transition FinanceOn April 25th, 2023, the 19th ESG Investment Frontier Forum was held in Hangzhou, with the theme of "ESG and Transition Finance. The forumw...

The 18th ESG Investing FrontiersSustainable Blue Economic and Financial Development and OpportunityOn August 4, Shenzhen Green Financial Institutions Awarding Ceremony and Sustainable Blue Economic...

Chaired by Yu Jiantuo, Deputy Secretary General of China Development Research Foundation, the 17th ESG Investment Frontier Forum was held online on 29 April 2022.

The 16th ESG Investment Frontier Forum, "How to Promote ESG Disclosure of Non-listed Companies", was held on March 31, 2022.

The 13th ESG Investing FrontiersESG practices and prospects of Chinese Listed CompaniesOn October 22nd, 2021, the 13th ESG Investing Frontiers, "ESG practices and prospects of Chinese Listed Compan...

On August 31st, 2021, the 12th ESG Investing Frontiers, "Facilitating the Environmental Information Disclosure of Financial Institutions," was held in Beijing.

The 11th ESG Investing Frontiers Sustainable Finance Solutions and Supporting EcosystemOn July 30th, 2021, the 11th ESG Investing Frontiers, "Sustainable Finance Solutions and Supporting Ecosystem,...

As a major ESG issue, climate change is attracting wider attention from the public.

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