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Interviewee: Private Operations Department Head of ADB Ventures, Xiaowen PuCASVI: What kind of investment is considered as impact investments by ADB and what are the characteristics in practice?Xia...

Interviewee: CEO and Partner of SA capital, Richard S. RoqueCASVI: Why did you participate in impact investing? What changes have you felt in recent years of practice?Richard: I had spent most of m...

ABC World Asia is a private equity firm dedicated to impact investments that aim to create positive, measurable social or environmental impacts alongside compelling risk-adjusted returns.

Interviewee: Brian CK Ho, EY CCaSS partnerCASVI on sustainable investing

dialogue with Bits x Bites on Sustainable development venture capital

CASVI: How did you and the Narada Foundation get into the field of impact investing?Tan: In 2009, I started working with Yanni Peng (now CEO of Narada Foundation) at the British Council (BC) on the...

Industrial parks are the core for the development of industrial enterprises, and their carbon emission can reach 31% of the country's total. Therefore, they have become the key to reduce emission u...

On the evening of May 24th, the UNDP SDG Impact Steering Group (UNDP SDG Impact Steering Group, hereinafter referred to as the “Steering Group”) held its fourth online conference.

Dialogue with Mana Impact on How Investment Fund Inequality in Technology Development Brings Unique Investment Opportunities

Sustainable Finance Featured News June 2021

Our May Sustainable Development Finance News has now been released. Check it now for the latest updates on sustainble development finance news!

Vukani Impact Collective gathers the most experienced and enthusiastic experts in the sustainable development and impact area.

Mainly owned by the Finnish State, Finnfund is a development finance institution promoting sustainable development by investing in responsible and profitable businesses in developing countries.

Our first international edition of “Sustainable Development Finance Frontier” is now released! Check it Now!

Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFi) is a community of private investors who believe in Capital that Matters.

Low-carbon transformation requires the support of capital technology and professional third-party evaluation standards.

SDG sharing conference: digitalization help achieve our “dual-carbon goal”: all key points summarized.

The Ford Foundation is a global, independent nonprofit grant-making organization to reduce inequality. We interviewed the senior manager of its MRI team on her views about impact investing.

MS.Bai Hong, secretary-general of CASVI's speech in Beijing on Sustainable Finance and CASVI's development;

Highlight the "carbon peak 2030 and carbon neutralization 2060" set at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2020

As a major ESG issue, climate change is attracting wider attention from the public.

March feature news on China’s environmental policies, poverty alleviation, climate change policies, and sustainable finance.

Conversation with Bridgespan, a global nonprofit consulting organizationthat strives to make the world more equitable and just.

SDGs Unicorn Accelerator (SUA) is China’s first accelerator dedicated to scaling solutions for sustainable development.

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