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Selected China ESG News (April)

2023-11-29 ESG News| November

Selected Monthly ESG NewsCarbon FinanceSinopec Secures German Carbon Trading Entry TicketOn November 15, Sinopec's Carbon Industry Technology Co., Ltd. (CarbonTech) UER project received official ap...

2023-09-27 ESG News| September

Selected Monthly ESG NewsCarbon FinanceShell Ends World's Largest Carbon Offset ProgramOn September 1st, European oil giant Shell terminated the world's largest carbon offset program, including the...

2023-08-29 ESG News| August

Selected Monthly ESG NewsCarbon FinanceEuropean Commission Approves Germany's €6.5 Billion Plan to Mitigate "Carbon Leakage" Risk‍On August 10th, the European Commission approved Germany's 6.5 bill...

2023-07-26 ESG News| July

Selected Monthly ESG NewsCarbon FinanceDubai National Bank of the UAE Introduces Carbon Market TradingOn July 4, the Dubai National Bank of the United Arab Emirates commenced trading in carbon futu...

2023-06-20 ESG News |June

Selected Monthly ESG NewsCarbon FinanceEurope bans the publication of misleading carbon neutrality claimsOn June 4th, at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the European P...

2023-05-31 ESG News | April

Selected Monthly ESG NewsCarbon FinanceFrance Grounds Select Short-Haul Flights in a Bid to Reduce Carbon EmissionsIn a landmark environmental move, the French government has imposed a ban on certa...

2023-04-18 ESG News |March

Selected Monthly ESG NewsCarbon FinanceInternational Energy Agency: 2022 CO2 Emissions ReportOn March 7th, the International Energy Agency released its "2022 CO2 Emissions" analysis report.

2023-03-14 ESG News |February

Selected Monthly ESG NewsCarbon Finance1. In response to the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the European Union (EU) is stepping up its efforts to support the development of low-carbon industries...

2023-02-15 ESG News | Jan

Selected Monthly ESG News

2023-01-09 ESG News | Dec

Selected Monthly ESG NewsSustainable Investment1. On December 4th, An Qingsong, president of the China Securities Industry Association, said at the International Financial Forum 2022 International ...

2022-12-13 ESG News | Nov

Selected Monthly ESG NewsESG Investment1. On October 30th, the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Women’s Rights and Interests was comprehensively revised for the first time...

2022-11-24 ESG News | Oct

Selected Monthly ESG NewsCarbon Finance1. On October 25, a report released by the China Carbon Accounting Data Team led by Guan Dabo, a professor in the Department of Earth System Science at Tsingh...

2022-10-21 ESG News | Sep

Selected Monthly ESG NewsCarbon Finance1. On September 2, 2022 China International Trade in Services Fair released the first domestic standard integrating food waste and carbon emission reduction, ...

2022-09-30 ESG News | Aug

Selected Monthly ESG NewsCarbon Finance1.The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the ...

2022-08-30 ESG News | July

Selected Monthly ESG NewsResponsible Investment1. Shenzhen Stock Exchange completed 2021 information disclosure of listed companies on the Main board and Shenzhen-ChinextOn July 4th, the Shenzhen S...

2022-07-29 ESG News | June

Selected Monthly ESG News

2022-06-20 ESG News | May

Selected Monthly ESG NewsGreen Finance1.  Climate Bonds Initiative and SynTao Green Finance Released the "China Green Bond Investor Survey 2022" On May 5, the Climate Bonds Initiative and SynTao Gr...

2022-05-18 ESG News | Apr

Selected Monthly ESG News

2022-04-21 ESG News | Mar

Selected Monthly ESG News ] March 2022

2022-03-28 ESG News | Feb

Selected Monthly ESG NewsCarbon Finance1. Guidance on Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Steel Industry IssusedOn February 7, the Development and Reform Commission of the Ministry of Ind...

2022-02-27 ESG News | Jan

Selected Monthly ESG NewsGreen Finance1. The Implementation Rules for Green Finance Evaluation of Shanghai Banking Financial Institutions was ReleasedOn January 4th, the Implementation Rules for Gr...

2022-01-26 ESG News | Dec

Selected Monthly ESG NewsImpact Investing1. Société Générale, successfully issued its first public social Positive Impact bond for EUROn December 1st, Société Générale, successfully issued its firs...

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