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CSI Sustainable Development 100 Index, constructed by Bosera Funds and launched by China Securities Index, will be launching on Nov 15th 2019. The Index is developed based on China Alliance of Social Value Investment’s long term data and research on sustainable development, and is regarded as an innovative financial product that can drive sustainable development in China.

The growing recognition of sustainable investment as a strategy and the incorporation of environmental, social and governance related issues into investment decision-making process has been reflected in the growing sustainable investment market, as reported by the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance. In their fourth bi-ennial Global Sustainable Investment Review, GSI revealed that sustainable investing assets stood at $30.7 trillion.

CSI Sustainable Devlopment 100 Index has been regarded as a Version 2.0 for ESG, as it not only adds Economic Profits (E) as a dimension for evaluation, but also adjusts the Social indicators to China’s situation accordingly. All these comes under the 3A (Aim, Approach, Action) Evaluation Framework, which evaluates CSI 300 constituent companies to select 100 listed companies that have comprehensively high values in economic, social, environment and governance. It aims to identify high quality investments that are sustainableand long-term for institutional investors.

The development of this evaluation framework, the Sustainable Development Contributions Assessment Model, is led by CASVI. The Assessment Model aims to quantify and present the comprehensive values (economic, social, environment) generated by companies, thereby encouraging them to solve social and environmental issues, which in turn can generate greater economic returns. The momentum of such efforts can promote the reallocation of resources as companies shift to doing well and doing good at the same time.

Currently, the development of the ETF tracking CSI Sustainable Development 100 Index has already being completed. Together with CASVI, Bosera Funds completed pre-communication rounds with investors from Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Macau, New York and Amsterdam. This ETF will close the current gap in passive investment products related to sustainable development contributions in the Chinese market and also bring in an innovative perspective for related global sustainable development themed products.

You can read more on our Assessment Model here, and find out who is our 2019 top-ranking listed company that excels in both doing well and doing good here.

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