KPI Delegation Visits Shenzhen for Collaborative communication with CASVI and Kasikorn Bank (China)



On May 13th, a delegation from the King Prajadhipok's Institute (KPI) visited Shenzhen. The delegation was composed of Mr. Wansan Srichan, Member of the PAO, Council Saraburi Provincial Administrative Organization; Mr. Teerapol Limwatananon, Executive Vice President of National Telecom Public Company Limited; Mr. Teerayuth Nilpat, Vice President Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives; Mr. Panaros Malakul Na Ayudhya, Course Director, along with representatives from various businesses. The delegation was welcomed by the China Alliance of Social Value Investment (CASVI) and Kasikorn Bank (China). Both CASVI and KPI introduced their organizational backgrounds, recent achievements and engaged in-depth discussions on topics such as the situations and trends of ESG in China and abroad, impactinvestment, and other related subjects. The communication was held at Kasikorn Bank (China) Company Limited. Eva Chen, President's OfficeDepartment Senior Team Manager of Kasikorn Bank (China) Company Limited, presided over thecommunication.


Mr. Panaros Malakul Na Ayudhya is sharing opinions

Firstly, Mr. Panaros Malakul Na Ayudhya introduced the KPI to delegates. KPI focuses on research areas such as legislation and policy making, while also conducting research and training programs from senior management to grassroots citizen education. As an academic research institution under the leadership of the Chairman of the Royal Thai Parliament, KPI established in 1998, and its main objective is to promote understanding of public policy, governance, democratic development, and citizen participation through research, education, and public forums. He mentioned that the KPI delegation's visit to China aimed to exchange ideas with CASVI on topics of how to promote sustainable development through “Social Investment” networking and assessment, rating and creating awareness. He also hoped this would serve as an opportunity to build connections for future sustainable cooperation.


Ms. Sophie Wang is sharing opinions

Subsequently, Ms. Sophie Wang, Vice Secretary-General of CASVI, introduced the situation of the alliance to the delegation. Founded in 2016, CASVI is China's first internationalized new public welfare platform dedicated to promoting sustainable finance and sustainable development. As a 5A-level social organization, with the support of Chairman Weihua Ma and others, CASVI focuses on standard research and development, builds an innovation platform for sustainable development, and works together with all sectors of society to " Doing well and Doing good, Investing for a Better World." She expressed that the friendly communicationbetween China and Thailand have a long history. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand, CASVI is honored to cooperate and communicate with thedelegation from KPI.


Ms. Jing Shi is sharing opinions

Next, Ms. Jing Shi, Senior Researcher of CASVI, shared insights on the development trends of ESG in China from the perspectives of policy, market, and investment. She presented the numerous ESG policies launched by China at various levels since 2003, and she pointed out that these policies have profoundly transformed the operating methods of Chinese enterprises and laid the foundation for China's ESG ecosystem. In recent years, China has been continuously promoting sustainable development, presenting greater opportunities for ESG. Aseries of relevant policies have been successively issued to strengthen supervision over financial institutions and enterprises. Under the continuous promotion of policies and supervision, the level of ESG information disclosure of listed companies in China has also been rising year by year. Both parties engaged in cordial exchanges on topics such as "measuring social value and impact”, "promotingsocial value investment”, "platform and collaboration network development". Representatives from CASVI also provided further insights on impact investment, incubation of startups, and international expansion infinance. Both sides expressed anticipation for future collaboration, aiming to advocate for sustainable development and advance the ESG process through enhanced cross-sector cooperation, promoting informationsharing, and disseminating knowledge.

During the communication, everyone gained a deeper understanding of the basic profile and key businesses of Kasikorn Bank. Kasikorn Bank (Public) Limited Company is a registered joint-stock company in Thailand, covering banking, insurance, securities, financing leasing, equipment financing, fund management, research, and technical services. It is currently the only foreign-owned bank with ASEAN investment headquartered in Shenzhen.


KPI delegation and CASVI are exchanging souvenirs

Finally, CASVI and the KPI delegation exchanged souvenirs and took photos together, marking the end of the collaborative exchange meeting in a friendly atmosphere. Next, the King Prajadhipok's Institute, CASVI, and Kasikorn Bank (China) Limited will embark on comprehensive exchanges and cooperation in the field of sustainable development.

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