Founding Secretary of CASVI Angela Bai at Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum 2023


On September 12, 2023, Ms. Angela Bai, Secretary-General of CASVI, was invited to attend the Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum 2023.She shared CASVI's research and practical achievements in addressing climate change. Ms. Bai mentioned that tackling climate change is a great mission. Over the years, CASVI has been committed to in-depth research on the "3060 Carbon Neutrality Target" policy and case studies on climate change, advocating for using social innovation to solve environmental issues and achieving the goal of" doing well and doing good". Since its establishment in 2016, CASVI has been collecting and cleaning ESG data from Chinese listed companies and releasing the "Social Value 99" report annually, on the basis of international standard methodologies and integrated public policies. The sustainable performance of the shortlisted companies is referred to as FIN-ESG.

" I think in reality the climate crisis is much more severe and much greater than what we acknowledged." Urgency is paramount in addressing the climate crisis. Ms. Bai gave an example of a "decarbonization financing" tool: this financial innovation utilizes big data and artificial intelligence technology to establish models and provide online solutions, addressing systemic issues through a single product or even a financial instrument.

Lastly, Ms. Bai emphasized, "In addressing climate change, people need to think macro and act micro. We must find effective methods to encourage capital participation in this global effort, relying on market mechanisms."


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