Chairperson and Vice President of CASVI, Mr.Wang Zimu Visited CASVI


On August 28, 2023, Mr. Wang Zimu, Chairperson and Vice President of the China Alliance of Social Value Investment (CASVI) and founder of Huatai Insurance Group, visited CASVI to provide guidance.


Ms. Wang Si, Deputy Secretary General of CASVI, first reported on the organization's work, providing a detailed overview of the progress and achievements in research, cooperation and training projects during the first half of the year. She also addressed the new opportunities and challenges the organization is facing. Mr. Wang Zimu offered insightful guidance, emphasizing the significance of the "Social Value 99" ("SV 99") list as CASVI's core research achievement. The list comprehensively assesses companies' ability to achieve sustainable development and create value, and Mr. Wang stressed the importance of continuous research and expanding influence to support A-share companies in achieving the goal of doing well and doing good. Furthermore, Mr. Wang expressed great anticipation for CASVI's exploration of the "China Public Welfare Project Social Value Evaluation Framework 1.0" and highlighted the necessity of evaluating the social value of public welfare projects from the perspective of donors.


Drawing from his over 20 years of corporate management experience, Mr. Wang Zimu shared with CASVI the importance of having a growth mindset in the rapidly changing economic and social environment. He emphasized the significance of "direction over targets" and "process over results" to ensure the sustainable development of teams and organizations.

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