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In the afternoon of the same day, Heroad Investments, a member of CASVI, jointly held a salon for members of the CASVI. The theme of salon is Conversation on Theory and Practice of Global Impact Investing. Mr. ZHOU Guoyin, Co-President of Research Center in CASVI, Mr. LI Chengyi, founder of Heroad Investments, Ms. Heather Grady, Vice President of RPA, Ms. PENG Rena, RPA Consultant, and members of CASVI including attorney ZHENG Danni, Mr. KANG Chaofeng from Hong Hu Best, Ms. Coco from SHEN Impact Venture, Mr. DAI Yufei from Fengshi Capital and other had a wonderful and fulfilling communication through two keynote sharings and free discussion.

Ms. Heather Grady and Ms. Rena from RPA shared "Philanthropy and Social Investment Trends and Opportunities", They shared the research and practice results of Rockefeller Philanthropy Consulting Agency, proposed to focus on the future of business "transparency", and put more emphasis on collaboration with governments and enterprises to find more sustainable solutions with integration of resources and impact investment other than donations.

Mr. LI Chengyi from Heroad Investment, introduced Heroad Investment and its excellent social value investment cases in detail. He shared that Heroad Investment focuses on the fields of robot+ / digital intelligence Al, pension technology, mental and mental health and Chinese original brands.They implemented ESG investment strategies to invest in start-ups with high growth potential to maximize business and social value. The "good investment" advocated by Heroad Investment is the Chinese interpretation of impact investment. It is committed to introducing a better life to all and improving the quality of manpower. It focuses more on the efficiency, growth and scale of the invested enterprises.   It is a kind of high-quality investment that

minimizes risks. At present, Heroad's companies had successfully invested companies including T-chef tech, Jujube Technology, PUDU Robotics and other outstanding enterprises.

In the free discussion session, the attendees started with topics such as how impact investment can help sustainable development, corporate social value exploration, and sustainable investment and financing, and expressed their opinions and put forward many inspiring innovations and ideas.

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