Visit of the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors to CASVI



On June 26th, 2023,Ms. Heather Grady, Vice President of RPA, and Ms. Rena Peng, Consultant, visited CASVI, where they were received by Mr. Ge Xing'an, Vice Chairperson of CASVI, Mr. Zhou Guoyin, Co-Director of the Research Center, and Ms. Wang Si, Deputy Secretary-General, and others from CASVI. Both parties introduced their respective organizations' current situation and shared recent work and achievements. They engaged in in-depth discussions on impact investing and sustainable development.

First, Mr. Ge Xing'an introduced CASVI's vision, operation model and main projects to the two guests. He emphasized that in the future, CASVI would will focus on projects such as "Social Value 99" (SV 99), the A-Share Listed Company Sustainable Development Value Assessment Report, the China ESG Development and Innovation White Paper, and the "Social Value Assessment Standard 1.0." CASVI would continue its research in sustainable finance and advocate for business ethics through various activities such as the Greater Bay Area Sustainable Finance Summit, the SDG Expert Seminar, and ESG Investing Frontiers Forum. CASVI also hoped to collaborate with more domestic and international partners who share the same commitment to sustainability, working together to "do well and do good and invest for a better future."

Ms. Heather Grady mentioned that RPA, established in 2002, was now one of the world's largest charitable service organizations. Its mission was to accelerate the philanthropic sector and pursue a just world. Its main business was to assist various foundations and social organizations in designing various public welfare projects and evaluate the effectiveness of their implementation. RPA aimed to promote the comprehensive, fair, and efficient development of philanthropy through more effective means. RPA also placed great importance on impact investing and sustainable development, striving to establish international mutually beneficial relationships. Team members frequently visited China to exchange achievements in philanthropy, social value investment, and other areas. With a shared vision of doing good, RPA brought together individuals and organizations, making every effort to expand the influence of philanthropy.

Subsequently, the two parties had friendly and extensive discussions on international topics such as climate change and biodiversity, carbon neutrality, and ESG innovation. They expressed their expectation for future cooperation to jointly advocate for sustainable finance, impact investing, and ultimately promote sustainable development.

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