CASVI's 2nd Annual General Meeting, 4th Session, was successfully held



China Alliance of Social Value Investment (CASVI) held its second annual general meeting, the fourth session, on May 23, 2023. The meeting, chaired by Mr. Ma Weihua, the Chairperson of CASVI, was attended by 51 out of the 69 members, fulfilling the requirements set by the organization's regulations. During the meeting, the members reviewed and approved the "2022 Work Summary and 2023 Work Plan" proposed by Mr. Ge Xing'an, the Vice Chairman of the Second Council at CASVI. The plan outlined the achievements of CASVI in 2022 and provided detailed plans for the year 2023, which received unanimous approval from the members.

Additionally, the meeting passed resolutions regarding the replacement of a supervisor and the appointment of Shenzhen Green Finance Association as a director unit of CASVI. Acknowledging the significant contributions made by directors, institutional members, and individual members to the governance, research, activities, membership referrals, and resource sharing of CASVI, Mr. Ma Weihua and Mr. Ge Xing'an, on behalf of CASVI, presented certificates of appreciation and commemorative items.

The Head of Research Institute at CASVI, Ms. Li Wen, introduced the key project of this year, the "ESG Management Enhancement Training," during the meeting.

As the first internationalized public welfare platform focusing on sustainable finance in China, CASVI has accumulated over 800 experts in sustainable finance and sustainable development across different industries, regions, and domains. By leveraging various resources, CASVI aims to develop professional courses and establish a team of expert instructors from renowned international universities, Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, listed companies, and government agencies. These courses will cover multiple industries, such as energy, supply chain, green finance, public welfare, carbon management, and manufacturing, and focus on topics including in-depth ESG integration, environmental issues, social issues, corporate governance, and professional capabilities. The goal is to assist companies in enhancing their ESG management practices. CASVI hopes that more and more enterprises, institutions, and individuals will engage in the field of sustainable finance, collectively promoting the alignment of capital and business with social and environmental well-being.

In conclusion, the second annual general meeting, the fourth session, of CASVI concluded successfully. CASVI expresses gratitude to all members for their continuous support and looks forward to the participation of more institutions and individuals, working together to invest for a better world.

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