Li Wen: ESG will ultimately become the key to Chinese companies' future success



Looking at the global market, impact investing, social value investing, and ESG investing have become the mainstream in the capital market. According to incomplete statistics from theResearch Institute at China Alliance of Social Value Investment, there are currently around 160 ESG fund products in China, with over 600 pan-ESG fund products. With the development and promotion of national policies, their expansion speed will become faster and faster.Li Wen from the Social Investment Alliance pointed out that ESG is no longer just a marketing tool or a moral standard. It involves aspects such as corporate governance and social change, including improving employee satisfaction, promoting product/service upgrades, avoiding potential operational risks, and enhancing the resilience of supply chain partners. For companies, fully embracing ESG is the only way to succeed in the future.

Since 2016, the CASVI has been helping the Chinese market identify the "top students" of the new era and promoting the universality and practical value of ESG localization evaluation models. Through the bridge built by the Alliance, assets and capital can flow in both directions, helping companies reduce detours and costs and achieve faster and higher development. By improving management levels, innovation, and the collaborative role of industrial ecological partners, companies can find a path to sustainable development.

Freshhema, a brand that meets the new generation's demand for quality, healthy food, and cooking fun, has attracted attention in the consumer market. Established in 2015, Freshhema has led the development of China's new retail industry in fresh food through new generation information technologies such as mobile Internet and big data to realize online and offline integrated services. As a key link for ESG implementation,   Freshhema combines green consumption and products. In the process of product production, transportation, processing, and circulation,   Freshhema closely integrates with the dual carbon strategy and environmentally friendly products. For example, in the terminal channel renovation,   Freshhema uses recyclable non-woven shopping bags, and in the catering sector, it provides sugarcane residue "zero carbon tableware."

Xiao Neng, General Manager of Hainan Province Finance Investment Group, shared his thoughts on ESG, focusing on the implementation of ESG in China's private equity investment market. Hainan Finance Investment Group will support startups with technological innovation or industrial synergy to develop in Hainan and invite ESG researchers to provide support for the government and state-owned funds to promote the establishment of the ESG investment standard system.

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