Ma Weihua: Sustainable Finance Supports China's High-Quality Development



On March 24th, the Sustainable Development Investment and Financing Seminar for the Health and Wellness Industry (Sanya) was successfully held. Mr. Ma Weihua, Chairperson of CASVI, was invited to attend and gave a keynote speech on "Sustainable Investment and Financing to Support China's High-Quality Development."

Ma Weihua mentioned that in the past few decades, China’s economy has experienced a phase of high-speed growth, achieving remarkable achievements, but also facing some bottlenecks and challenges. The traditional high-speed growth model can no longer meet the increasingly high demands of people for quality of life, environmental protection, fairness, and justice. Therefore, high-quality development has become a new normal, new goal, and new requirement for China's economic development.

Ma Weihua pointed out that sustainable finance is highly consistent with China's goals of high-quality development and can provide multi-faceted support for the development of the health and wellness industry. On the one hand, the health and wellness industry can obtain funding support through sustainable finance to promote sustainable development of the industry. For example, some health and wellness enterprises can raise funds for environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, staff welfare, and other aspects through the issuance of green bonds, social bonds, and other means, to achieve sustainable operation. On the other hand, sustainable finance can also provide investors with more comprehensive information by evaluating the ESG performance of health and wellness enterprises, helping them make wiser investment decisions.

The potential of China's health and wellness industry is enormous, and the development of the industry requires financial innovation, support, and assistance. The relationship between sustainable finance and the health and wellness industry is mutually reinforcing. We look forward to creating a good investment atmosphere, encouraging social capital to invest extensively, guiding long-term capital to invest in the health and wellness industry through sustainable finance, achieving mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and jointly helping China's health and wellness industry enter a new era of high-quality development!

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