CASVI and Rainforest Foundation Norway Collaborate to Advance Sustainable Finance and ESG Standards



On March 8th, 2023, China Alliance of Social Value Investments(CASVI) welcomed Claudia Melim-McLeod, Principal Advisor, China and Sustainable Finance, and Erlend Trebbi, Sustainable Finance Advisor, from the Rainforest Foundation Norway(RFN), a leading rainforest protection organization in the world. During the meeting, the two parties discussed various topics related to sustainable development, including China's ESG policy and local practices, rainforest protection, and the opportunities and challenges brought by climate change.

RFN is collaborating with Norwegian and Chinese organizations on COPs and working with companies and asset managers to improve ESG standards in deforestation

-free markets. They have a global team in Oslo that focuses on value chains such as soy, cattle products, palm oil, biofuels, and extractive industries. They are interested in coming to China to help local investors improve their ESG standards in commodities, as China is one of the main destination markets. Their goal is to work with market players and build on their track record in Norway with financial stakeholders.

During the meeting, Ge Xing'an, Vice Chairperson of CASVI introduced the platform concept, operation mode, and focused area of CASVI. He mentioned that CASVI will carry out sustainable development work in 2023 around concept advocacy, ecological construction,capacity building, and case promotion.

The two organizations expressed their hopes for further cooperation in the future, with a shared vision of protecting rainforests and advancing sustainable development. RFN has extensive expertise and experience in sustainable finance and rainforest protection, which can greatly benefit CASVI's efforts in promoting ESG standards and deforestation-free markets.   


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