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The 19th ESG Investing Frontiers

ESG and Transition Finance

On April 25th, 2023, the 19th ESG Investment Frontier Forum was held in Hangzhou, with the theme of "ESG and Transition Finance. The forumwas guided by the Shenzhen

Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau, and hosted by the China Development Research Foundation and China Social Investment Forum. The China Alliance of Social Value

Investment and the National School of Development at Peking University jointly initiated the event, with co-organizer Lianchu Securities.


Tu Guangshao, Executive Director of Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Chairman of Shanghai New Financial

Research Institute, gave a speech on the topic of "The Important Role of ESG Investment in Transition Finance". Tu emphasize that transition finance is a

crucial area for ESG investment. Green and carbon transition is the most critical task for achieving green development and the "dual-carbon" strategy,

which also requires transition finance to play a significant role in providing financial services to support green and low-carbon transition.


Dr. Guo Peiyuan, Chairman of China Social Investment Forum and President of SynTao Green Finance, released the report "Climate Scenario Analysis in the Asset Management Industry". The report, jointly published by SynTao Green Finance and Southern Fund, mainly introduces the definition and methods of climate scenario analysis, policy requirements, the direction of result applications, and the practices of asset management institutions at home and abroad.


During the roundtable discussion, Xu Hanfei, Chief Research Officer of CMB Wealth Management, expressed that although MSCI data shows that investment portfolios with ESG assessments perform better than those without, ESG investment cannot be simply viewed from the perspective of investment returns. ESG investment not only applies to the investment industry but also promotes a sustainable development concept across society.


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