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the 19th ESG Investment Frontier Forum was held in Hangzhou

On April 25, 2023, the 19th ESG Investment Frontier Forum was held in Hangzhou, China with the theme "ESG and Transformational Finance." The forum was guided by the Shenzhen Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau and hosted by the China Development Research Foundation and the China Forum for Responsible Investment, with co-sponsorship from the China Alliance of Social Value Investment and the National School of Development at Peking University, and co-organization by Union Securities.

With increasing global attention on sustainable development, ESG investment has become the preferred choice for both companies and investors. Against this backdrop, transformational finance has become a new focus. Transformational finance means that the finance industry needs to adapt to new economic and social demands to achieve transformation and upgrading. The philosophy of ESG investment aligns with the goals of transformational finance.

The 19th ESG Investment Frontier Forum included keynote speeches, report releases, and roundtable discussions. Experts and practitioners in the field of ESG investment from various industries such as asset management, financial institutions, and international organizations shared their experiences and insights, and explored how to better apply the concept of ESG investment to the practice of transformational finance. The forum was moderated by Xiao Pan, General Manager of Asset Management Branch of Union Securities.

Tu Guangshao, Executive Director of the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance and Chairman of the Shanghai New Financial Research Institute, gave a speech on "The Important Role of ESG Investment in Transformational Finance." Tu Guangshao pointed out that transformational finance is an important field for ESG investment. Green and carbon transformation is the most critical task to achieve green development and the "dual-carbon" strategy, which also places demand on transformational finance. Transformational finance plays an important role in providing financial services for green and low-carbon transformation. Environmental and ecological aspects are already a very important part of ESG investment, and they are now placing new demands on ESG investment in promoting the transition from high-carbon to low-carbon and providing huge market opportunities.


Tu Guangshao delivered the keynote speech

ESG investment is an important aspect of the transformation of finance. ESG investment can play a role in promoting the development of transformation finance in five ways: expanding the funding sources of transformation finance, optimizing the financing structure of transformation finance, promoting the improvement of the infrastructure of transformation finance, broadening the channels for various social entities to participate in transformation finance, and facilitating the fair transformation that transformation finance requires.

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