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Carbon Finance

1. On September 2, 2022 China International Trade in Services Fair released the first domestic standard integrating food waste and carbon emission reduction, "Guidelines for Accounting for Carbon Reductions in the Food and Beverage Industry - Reduce Food Waste". The Standard aims to provide a practical accounting guideline and management guide for the catering industry and take-out platforms through a scientific and unified standard to measure and assess the carbon emission reduction of catering enterprises, take-out platforms, consumers and other actors practicing green behavior.

2. On September 16, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a press conference, "Implementation Plan for Carbon Peaking in the Industrial Sector ". The Implementation Plan for Carbon Peaking in Industry puts forward the requirement that by 2025, energy consumption per unit of industrial added value above the scale will drop by 13.5% compared to 2020, carbon dioxide emissions will drop by more than 18%, carbon emission intensity of key industries will drop significantly, and the foundation of carbon peaking in industry will be firmly established.

3. On September 22, Guotai Junan announced that the company assisted China Gezhouba Group Co., Ltd. to successfully complete the book-entry for the 2022 public issue of Science and Technology Innovation Renewable Corporate Bond (Phase II) (low carbon transition-linked) for professional investors. The bond is the first single "Science and Technology Innovation + Low Carbon Transformation Linked" double-labeled bond in China, with an issue size of RMB 3 billion and a coupon rate of 3.21% for the 5+N-year variety and 2.70% for the 3+N-year variety, which is the lowest interest rate of the same variety in the market.

On September 23, 2022 GCMC Global Carbon Management Conference was successfully held in Beijing. At the conference, Carbon Blocking and Cognizant Consulting jointly researched and released the "China Carbon Management Market Size Forecast", which is expected to reach 109.9 billion yuan in 2025, 450.4 billion yuan in 2030, and 43.286 billion yuan in 2060.

Green Finance

1. On September 7, CCB completed the registration of its "Carbon Ledger-based Personal Financial Services" project and officially started testing. The project uses federal learning, big data and other technologies to build a carbon emission reduction measurement model by using the carbon emission reduction behavior data of customers in the scenarios of public transportation travel and online government affairs to build customers' personal "carbon ledger ", so as to realize the calculation and accumulation of carbon emission reduction.

2. On September 22nd, Shanghai Ring Exchange, Shanghai Futures Exchange and Yangtze River Delta Hydrogen Energy Research Institute jointly released the first "Yangtze River Delta Hydrogen Price Index" of China's hydrogen price index system. The index visually reflects the overall level and trend of hydrogen price and clean hydrogen price in Yangtze River Delta, and takes into account the carbon emission factor, linking hydrogen pricing with carbon emission price. The price of hydrogen in the Yangtze River Delta was RMB 33.69/kg and the price of clean hydrogen in the Yangtze River Delta was RMB 34.17/kg on the day of release, and will be updated every two weeks.

Sustainable Investment

1.On September 19, the world's largest coal-to-hydrogen variable pressure adsorption plant project was officially put into operation in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, and on the same day, the demonstration project of 50,000 tons per year of polyglycolic acid degradable material of National Energy Group Yulin Chemical Company was put into operation after breaking through the entire production process. This coal-to-hydrogen plant adopts the patented technology of large-scale variable pressure adsorption developed independently and uses coal as raw material to produce a total capacity of 350,000 tons of hydrogen per year

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