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Green Finance

1. Six Major State-Owned Banks' ESG Reports Reveal Sharp Rise in 2021 Green Credits

By April 14th, China’s six state-owned banks had disclosed their 2021 annual reports and social responsibility (ESG) reports. The combined green credit business of the six major banks has a total loan of about 8.7 trillion yuan. Among them, ICBC has the largest green loan balance of RMB 248.0621 billion. The green credit business of six banks grew by an average of 39.4% from the end of the previous year. In addition, BOC's 2021 mainland personal green consumer credit balance grew by over 60% compared to the previous year.

2. China’s First Green Power Consumption Voucher Was Officially Issued

On April 26th, the Beijing Power Exchange Center officially issued the first green power consumption vouchers in China to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee. A total of 168 green power consumption vouchers were issued in the same batch, corresponding to 103.17 million kWh of green power, involving 9 power users and 25 new energy generation enterprises.

Carbon Finance

1.CGB Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Academy of Quality Management, and Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange Introduced Special Support for Carbon Finance

On April 26th, China Guangfa Bank (CGB) Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Academy of Quality Management, and Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange signed a special financial support cooperation agreement for carbon-management-system-compliant enterprises.

According to the agreement, CGB will provide 1.5 billion yuan of special financial support to high-quality enterprises under carbon management system compliance assessment in the next three years, integrating supply chain finance, cross-border finance, investment banking, gold market and payment platform to promote the green and low-carbon high-quality development of areas and enterprises in the Yangtze Delta.

Inclusive Finance

1. CPC Central Committee and the State Council: Accelerate the Establishment of a Unified Domestic Energy Market
On April 10th, the Guideline of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Accelerating the Establishment of a Unified Domestic Market (Guideline) was officially released. The guideline clearly points out that it is necessary to build a unified energy trading market throughout the country.

At present, China's economy is facing the dual problems of gradual transformation of internal economic momentum and withdrawal of export dividends due to the pandemic. There are also some problems in the market system, such as disunity of the system and the standard, and high transaction cost. The guideline may be able to provide a plan of action to solve these problems and push China's economy into the next stage of robust development. Issues related to the construction of a large market, including logistics, consumption, hard core technology and dual-carbon environmental protection may become investment targets worthy of attention in the future.

2. Beijing Released an Energy-saving Consumption Promotion Policy, Issuing Six Periods of Consumption Vouchers of More Than 300 Million Yuan

On April 12th, Beijing released an energy-saving consumption promotion policy, which will issue more than 300 million yuan of energy-saving consumption vouchers to consumers in Beijing from April to September in 2022. The policy aims to speed up the formation of a moderate, low-carbon, civilized and healthy lifestyle and consumption pattern.   Energy-saving vouchers are applicable to 20 categories of goods, including laptops, air purifiers, dishwashers, air conditioners, etc. The categories of goods will continue to expand in the future.

Meanwhile, Beijing also encourages consumers to purchase energy-saving goods. A number of enterprises in Beijing have launched trade-in activities. With the help of a standardized informational platform for the recycling of household appliances, the recovery and dismantling of household appliances are also being formalized, legalized and digitalized.

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