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On February 17, 2022, CASVI held the third meeting of the Second Council. Due to COVID restrictions, the meeting was held online. The meeting was convened by Mr. Weihua MA, Chairman of CASVI. The meeting considered 6 proposals and 2 matters. The meeting briefed:

(1) Mr. Xing'an GE's appointment as the Vice President of the Council at CASVI;

(2)The proposal on Ms. Lana WANG's resignation as the Secretary General of CASVI and the Director of the Council;

(3) The proposal on Ms.Si WANG's appointment as the Deputy Secretary General.

All members unanimously agreed that Ms. Lana WANG to resign from February 28, 2022, and that Ms. Si WANG to preside over the daily work of the organization as the Deputy Secretary General. The meeting reviewed 2021 CASVI Financial Statement and 2022 CASVI Annual Budget Plan. On behalf of the Secretariat, Lana reported to the directors on the achievement of the three major objectives of CASVI in 2021:

1. Implement CASVI's Three Missions, Build Project Financing Capacity

  • "Discovering SV 99 in China: A-share Listed Company Social Value Assessment" that compiled by CASVI won the special award of the 8th China Soft Science Award;

  • Under the guidance of Shenzhen Ecology Bureau, CASVI successfully held the nation's first entrepreneurship competition focusing on carbon neutrality. Moreover, in collaboration with UNDP and OPPO, CASVI also co-hosted Youth Innovation Acceleration Camp, mentored early-stage start-up projects with social values.

  • CASVI also issued 12 consecutive issues of the monthly "Sustainable Development Finance Frontiers," educating audiences at home and abroad. The monthly issue has been widely praised by sustainable finance practitioners. The reading volume of a single issue is more than 30000 and the loyal reader community is more than 150.

2. Build an Alliance Network, Create a Borderless Organization

In terms of team building, CASVI has actively mobilized 200 volunteers, and 700 experts & scholars to participate in various projects. In particular, experts contributed a total of 1133 hours to public welafre time into CASVI's two major charity projects: SV 99 and Youth Innovation Acceleration Camp.

3. Improve the governance structure, Consolidate the foundation for development

As a 5A charity organization, CASVI is implemented in strict accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and the Articles of Alliance. The financial audit and the annual inspection of the annual report are both qualified. The annual final settlement and payment are completed on time.

Based on this, Ms. Si WANG further reported on the development plan of CASVI in 2022. CASVI will gradually establish a social value evaluation and assessment system covering the primary market and the secondary market, support the development of social enterprises, promote a broader consensus on the concept of "doing well and doing good," and build an international public welfare platform with investment institutions, entrepreneurs, academic and think tanks, and third-party service institutions, and together promoting the concept of sustainable development.

Subsequently, on behalf of the Council, Chairman MA thanked all directors and governing units for their active participation and contribution for CASVI's programs in 2021.

The directors unanimously affirmed the work achievements of the Secretariat in 2021 and expressed their views on the 2022 CASVI Work Plan. The directors said that in the face of changes in the external environment and the awakening of sustainable development in all sectors of society, they looked forward to more cutting-edge exploration in promoting sustainable value with efficiency, fairness, and sustainability. At the same time, the Secretariat informed the directors of the changes in membership of CASVI in 2021, with a view to attracting more individuals or institutions interested in the field of sustainable finance to the alliance in the new year. The directors considered the proposal on the amendment to the constitution submitted by the Secretariat, and they adopted the report by online vote.


At the end of the meeting, the directors considered the proposal on the amendment to the constitution submitted by the Secretariat, and they adopted the report by online vote. In this regard, the third meeting of the Second Council of the League of social investment was successfully concluded. More and more institutions and individuals are expected to join CASVI and work together to "Doing Well and Doing Good, Investing for a Better World."

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