Sustainable Development Finance Frontier | November Edition


Sustainable Development Finance Frontiers

Issue 11. November

Our November issue of "Sustainable Development Finance Frontier" is now released! The review highlights the monthly trends of the sustainable finance development field. We also track the market performance of Chinese sustainable products.

The theme of the month is "规," which means "regulation and order" in Chinese. The theme is also related to the UN sustainable development Goal 16: Peace, justice, and strong institutions. Therefore, our November issue focuses on how different governments and regulatory agencies regulate their financial system to achieve sustainable and innovative development. For instance, the issue covers how the Central Bank of China uses structural monetary policy to power #greenfinance development, how the Central Bank of Singapore cooperates with the Monetary Authority of Singapore to build a green finance ecosystem, as well as the #CommonGroundTaxonomy (CGT) which is co-developed by the EU and
China's taxonomies.

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