SDGs Entrepreneurship Accelerator 
The program focuses on Angel round to A round social enterprises that use innovative and commercial means to solve social problems. By employing a "Value Assessment - Value Discovery - Value Incubation" process, the program gathers cross-sector resources, helps enterprises to improve social and commercial values, and finally jointly builds a social value investment ecosystem.
Event Highlights
  • 2019 Social Unicorn Accelerator

  • 2018 Social Unicorn Accelerator

  • 2021 Youth Innovation Acceleration Camp

  • 2021 SDGs Entrepreneurship Competition · Zero Carbon Community

  • 2020 Social Unicorn Accelerator

In September 2021, under the guidance of Shenzhen Ecological Environment Bureau, CASVI held the first “SDGs Entrepreneurship Competition · Zero Carbon Community" that focused on carbon neutrality.
In December 2021, in collaboration with UNDP and OPPO, CASVI co-hosted the Youth Innovation Acceleration Camp. During the three-day event, 20 social innovation projects took training classes, exchanged with potential investors, and participated in the project roadshow.
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