Bosera CSI Sustainable Development 100 ETF
CASVI and Bosera jointly launched the first sustainable development themed ETF in China. It tracks the CSI Sustainable Development 100 Index, developed based on CASVI's long term research and the Sustainable Development Value (SDV) Assessment Model.
CSI Sustainable Development 100 Index
CSI Sustainable Devlopment 100 Index has been regarded as a Version 2.0 for ESG, as it not only adds Economic Profits (E) as a dimension for evaluation, but also adjusts the Social indicators to China’s situation accordingly. All these comes under the 3A (Aim, Approach, Action) Evaluation Framework, which evaluates CSI 300 constituent companies to select 100 listed companies that have comprehensively high values in economic, social, environment and governance. It aims to identify high quality investments that are sustainableand long-term for institutional investors.
Index Characteristics
Constantly Outperforms CSI 300
Comparison with Existing ESG Indices
Lower Valuation & Higher Profitability
Group Testing


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