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Report Launch | Impact Investing For Sustainable Development: Dialogues Between the World and ChinaImpact Investing for Sustainable Development-Final.pdfOur interview casebook, "Impact Investing fo...
Industrial parks are the core for the development of industrial enterprises, and their carbon emission can reach 31% of the country's total. Therefore, they have become the key to reduce emission u...
Low-carbon transformation requires the support of capital technology and professional third-party evaluation standards.
SDG sharing conference: digitalization help achieve our “dual-carbon goal”: all key points summarized.
MS.Bai Hong, secretary-general of CASVI's speech in Beijing on Sustainable Finance and CASVI's development;
Highlight the "carbon peak 2030 and carbon neutralization 2060" set at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2020
Conversation with Bridgespan, a global nonprofit consulting organizationthat strives to make the world more equitable and just.
The report is divided into four parts.
Interviewee: Private Operations Department Head of ADB Ventures, Xiaowen PuCASVI: What kind of investment is considered as impact investments by ADB and what are the characteristics in practice?Xia...
Interviewee: CEO and Partner of SA capital, Richard S. RoqueCASVI: Why did you participate in impact investing? What changes have you felt in recent years of practice?Richard: I had spent most of m...
ABC World Asia is a private equity firm dedicated to impact investments that aim to create positive, measurable social or environmental impacts alongside compelling risk-adjusted returns.
In the past ten years, in order to avoid relying on a single economic model that is based on oil, the UAE has emphasized...
Germany has always been heavily involved in environmental, social and corporate governance, which is reflected in their formulation and development of policies and regulations.
With the improvement of ESG information disclosure and the increase in enterprises fulfilling social responsibility, various kinds of sustainable financial products have emerged in the Indian market.
In the past 20 years, through constantly improving and revising relevant policies and regulations, France has established a relatively comprehensive ESG policy and legal system
The capital market has manifested a trend toward sustainable finance, and "capital for good" has become the trend of the era.
Russia's ESG policies and regulations system is relatively weak, and the sustainable financial market is at the early stage.
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