Discovering “Social Value 99” in China

Over the past six years, China Alliance of Social Value Investment (Shenzhen) (CASVI) has been examining the SDV of China’s A-share listed companies through market real-time testing and back-testing, which led to the publication of the annual assessment report Discovering “SV 99” in China series for three consecutive years. As a non-profit initiative in China aimed at promoting SDF, Discovering SV 99 in China has evolved from a preliminary idea to a portfolio of market-aligned products, including ratings, indices, database, company profiles and assessment, rankings and awards.

SV 99, or officially known as Sustainable Development Value Assessment of A-Share Listed Companies, is a ranking of China’s top 99 listed companies among the CSI 300 constituents in terms of their SDV, based on their scores from the 3A SDV Assessment Model of Listed Companies (3A Model) which measures the compre- hensive economic, social and environmental contributions. The SDV assessment is conducted twice a year, in June and December, closely following the biannual updates of the CSI 300 Index, and the annual SV 99 ranking released is based on the assessment results in June (this applies to all analysis in this report unless otherwise specified).

Discovering "SV 99"in China
A-share Listed Company Sustainable Development Value Assessment
Sustainable Development
Key Foundations As shown in the figure below, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, China’s Five Development Principles and the idea of Doing Well and Doing Good are in line with each other and together comprise of social value’s core proposition.
In order to clearly present Social Value Assessment System, we construct a three-layer structure: basics, tools and applications and preliminarily explore formation mechanism and transmission pathway.

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