Discover China “Social Value 99”

SV 99, or SV 99 Companies, refers to China’s top 99 A-share listed companies based on their Sustainable Development Contributions. The ranking is created on the basis of quantified assessment of the comprehensive economic, social and environmental performances of selected CSI 300 constituent companies using the Assessment Model for Sustainable Development Contributions for Listed Companies.

3 World's First
First to develop “Social ValueQuantitative Assessment Model”
   that obtained intellectual property protection from State Intellectual  
   Property Office of The P.R.C.(SIPO).
First to apply social value assessment on listed companies that
   widely reported by mass media.
First to generate a social value analog index that co-developed fund
   product in the financial market .
Several National Leading Achievements
● To establish Probono Social Thinktank consisting of capital
   market experts
To practice the operation mode of“cross-sectoral collaboration
   and idea crowdsourcing”
To build conceptual framework comprise of “Global Consensus
  National Principles-Social ValueProposition”
To construct assessment system consisting of basic, tool
   andapplication” layer
Collaborative Institutions
Domestic Institutions:
   Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China Securities Index, China Southern
   Fund, Wind Info, Shenzhen GTA Education Tech Ltd. etc.

International Institutions:
   The Netherlands Steward Red Queen, UNDP SDG Impact Finance etc
Communication Effect
  Mainstream financial media first initiated reports on NGO project
●  The state media, the Party’s media, commercial media and individual
      media echoed with each other
Covered by traditional media (newspaper, magazine, TV and radio),
     new media(website and video) and individual media (China @vator)
     with 100% positive public sentiments and continuous long tail effect  

Key Foundations As shown in the figure below, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, China’s Five Development Principles and the idea of Doing Well and Doing Good are in line with each other and together comprise of social value’s core proposition.
In order to clearly present Social Value Assessment System, we construct a three-layer structure: basics, tools and applications and preliminarily explore formation mechanism and transmission pathway.

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